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Redneck Deer Hoist

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Redneck Blinds is pleased to introduce our NEW Redneck 2 in 1 Hoist & Skinner. The innovative Redneck 2 in 1 Hoist & Skinner is like no other hoist on the market, as it will cape out your game while you hoist it in the air!

The Redneck 2 in 1 Hoist & Skinner mounts simply on any hitch, allowing you to use it with your truck or UTV. Made from quality heavy-duty powder-coated steel, it is engineered for years of trouble-free use.

The high strength nylon braided rope is capable of lifting animals up to 350 pounds, and the powerful hand winch makes hoisting a breeze, and the laser-cut machined pulleys will not bind or jam, assuring you a fast and foolproof lift every time. The boom swivels a full 360 degrees, so loading your game is simple and effortless.

With its simple three-piece construction, the Redneck 2 in 1 Hoist & Skinner sets up and breaks down very quickly. Keep it ready to go in the truck or UTV during hunting season, and store it away and out of sight during the offseason.

Don't struggle with ropes and other hard to use hoisting systems. Get the Redneck 2 in 1 Hoist & Skinner and make it easier to get your work done giving you The Redneck Advantage.

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