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Spypoint LM2 Nationwide Cellular Trail Camera

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The Spypoint LM2 Cellular Trail Camera builds on the legacy of value and outperforming the expectations of the hunter. Millions of SPYPOINT cellular trail cameras later, more hunters than ever are reaping the benefits of mobile scouting that cellular cameras allow, and the LM2 takes that commitment to value and performance to the next level.


The LM2 is a 20MP camera, so every image is clear and useful for your scouting. The photo quality is easily seen in the SPYPOINT app in both the compressed thumbnail, and HD photos. Don't miss a detail in any photo with the LM2.


The LM2 antenna maximizes available signal and helps maintain continuity of service and reliable photo transmissions. With your photos received safely in the SPYPOINT app, you can plan for your hunt like never before.


With flash and detection range of 90 feet, the LM2 monitors a big area. What does this mean for you? Fewer deer are able to avoid the ever-watchful PIR sensor of the LM2. More area monitored means less area that big buck can sneak through without being seen.


The LM2 is evolution of the LINK-MICRO revolution. For all the new and improved functionality, the most important hallmark the LM2 brings from its LINK-MICRO roots is the steadfast dedication to delivering value to the hunter. Like all SPYPOINT products, the primary goal of the LM2 is simple; deliver more than the hunter expects at a price they can appreciate.


  • 0.5 second trigger speed
  • 90' Flash Range
  • 90' detection range
  • 20MP photo resolution
  • Modes: Photo, Multi-Shot
  • Network: LTE
  • Free photo transmission plans available
  • Installation strap included
  • 8AA batteries or LIT-10 lithium battery pack required- not included*
  • 2GB to 32GB microSD Card required- not included*



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