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Summit Mesh Swivel Chair Brown


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Comfort is the key to hunting longer. If you're more comfortable while sitting in your ground blind, then you'll likely put in the time it takes to wait out that trophy buck or stubborn gobbler. The Summit Sling Swivel Chair is the key to your comfort needs. This solid steel-chair combines a super comfortable mesh cushion and chairback to keep you focused on the hunt and not a sore backside. The silent-swivel design of the Sling Swivel Chair allows you to slowly and quietly rotate 360 degrees while scanning for game. The chair easily folds up for convenient carry, weighs 14 pounds and will hold up to 300 pounds. Thanks to the adjustable wide duck feet, you can find a solid seat anywhere without worry of sinking into the ground. The Sling Swivel is the ideal chair for ground blinds, shooting houses or for lounging around the hunt camp.


  • Silently and slowly swivel 360 degrees
  • Super comfortable mesh cushion and backrest
  • Wide duck feet keep chair from sinking in soft ground
  • The perfect chair for ground blinds, shooting houses or lounging at the hunt camp
  • Steel construction
  • Holds up to 300 pounds

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