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Surelock Security SureBright 12" Wand Kit In Black | 5 Pack


Out of stock

The SureBright™! Available in a 5 or 6 pack kit of 12" LED's, with a motion activated sensor, providing light at your command - as you open your safe, closet or any area you want to shed some extra light on. This Surelock Security SureBright™ 5 Piece Wand Kit includes easy connection snaps and self-adhesive backing on the lights themselves making installation a breeze.

SureLock's Supply Series keeps you accessorized to the fullest, while the SureBright™ LED Wand Kit provides additional peace of mind. Knowing that you can easily, and quickly, access needed items without fumbling around in the dark.


  • 5 LED light strips
  • Self adhesive backing
  • Automatic on/off motion censor
  • Dimensions: (5) 12"L
  • A/C power adapter
  • Easy connection snaps
  • Color: Black



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