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Tactacam 5.0 Remote

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After initial pairing, controls up to 5 Tactacam 5.0 cameras with one button. Functions include Power ON Auto Record / PAUSE/ OFF and when not recording conserves batteries with the Auto Power off feature. All cameras and Remote will power down after 3 min when not recording. But don't worry they all will power back on just as fast with a push of the Tactacam remote button.

Tactacam Remote Technology gives you the feedback you need, all on an LCD screen: Number of connected cameras, Record length, Remote Battery life and the Green LED indicates Recording, Pause/On and Off.

Tactacam Remote has been optimized at 100 feet giving you the distance and control over your cameras.

Note: Tactacam remote is only compatible with Tactacam 5.0 cameras.


  • To get started link your Tactacam 5.0 and Remote.
  • Power on camera and remote, then pause both
  • On the camera, using two fingers place one on the mode button and one on Power/record button.
  • Perform the following within 2 seconds (Push and hold the mode button followed by the power record button). You will see the remote connection number increase by 1 number. If this is the first camera synced a 1 will be displayed on the remote.
  • After you have linked your Tactacam 5.0 with the Tactacam Remote your remote will operate your camera from the OFF position. When you push the remote button the linked Tactacam 5.0 camera(s) will power on and start recording.
  • The green blinking LED light on the Remote and cameras indicates recording. The recording length is also displayed on the Remote display.
  • To stop the recording simply push the remotes power record button. All connected 5.0 cameras will stop and save their recording.
  • At this point, you can perform 3 operations. 1 Push to start all recording, 2 Push and hold to power all cameras and remote off or 3 nothing... all units will power off after 3 minutes to optimize battery life. But don't worry they all will power back on just as fast with a push of the Tactacam remote button.

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