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Tactacam Lithium Cartridge


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The Tactacam REVEAL Lithium Cartridge is a long-life rechargeable battery for Reveal Cameras. The Cartridge is charged with the included 5V Type C USB cable. For best performance charge completely before using.


  • No more time wasted loading AA batteries
  • Eliminates excessive battery waste
  • Saves money on non-rechargeable batteries over the life of your Reveal Cameras

Charge Status

  • There is a small red indicator light on the battery cartridge. When the battery is connected to the power cable:
  • Charging = solid / constant / not blinking
  • Fully Charged = no light / LED is off
  • Error = blinking / LED is flashing (Error typically occurs if the charger is not the correct voltage, 5V)
  • **12V port does not charge the battery, it only powers the camera

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