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Mojo Scoot-N-Shoot Gunner

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MOJO created a revolution in turkey decoys with the introduction of the Scoot & Shoot Decoy, which is a specialized Strutter Tom specially designed to facilitate the age-old method of turkey hunting usually referred to as "fanning". It is an aggressive style of hunting gobblers in the spring seasons by simulating a strange gobbler attempting to intrude on other gobblers' territory, gobblers usually with hens. It is thought by many to be the most exciting way to hunt turkeys.

The hunter hides behind the decoy and crawls toward a tom during the breeding season and the real tom will not allow intrusion of an unknown bird and will charge to run it on. It has also proved very effective as a cover, as the turkeys seem to notice only the fan if a signifcant portion of the hunter is hidden behind the decoy.

The Gunner version is not intended to replace the original Scoot-N-Shoot, which has numerous advantages to include versatility for using it as a standalone decoy. Some hunters have trouble crawling with a decoy in one hand, the gun in the other, and with both hands needed for shooting, the use of a decoy can be cumbersome, especially at the time of shooting.

MOJO has solved this problem with the ALL-NEW SCOOT-N-SHOOT GUNNER! A Scoot-N-Shoot specifically modified to mount on the barrel of the gun, freeing one hand to assist in both moving and shooting, making it very user friendly and giving more hunters the opportunity to experience this exciting way of hunting.


  • Realistic, artificial fan with wings attached to provide the size and coverage needed to adequately hide the hunter, but in a light weight and foldable system that can be easily stored and carried in a turkey vest
  • Utilizes a modified version of our popular mounting system that quickly and conveniently mounts to any single barrel shotgun and provides bi-pod legs to hold the gun upright and on the ground
  • Includes dual receptacles, one to hold the removable fan and wings and the other to hold an easily removable 3-D version of a real turkey head
  • Two heads are provided: one mostly white to represent a contented bird and the other mostly red to represent a "fired up" gobbler ready to fight
  • The mounting system allows the hunter to easily see between the decoy and the gun such that it hides the hunter but allows convenient view and aiming. The artificial fan also provides a see-through mesh window that allows the hunter flexibility in hiding/viewing
  • An extremely effective and user-friendly product that allows more hunters to experience the most exciting way to hunt spring gobblers, or simply hide when hunting/calling
  • Breaks down into 3 compact parts which can be conveniently assembled and disassembled for easy carry into the field

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