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Mojo Scoot And Shoot Max

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MOJO® caused a sensation in turkey hunting with the original Scoot-N-Shoot Decoy, making popular an aggressive style of hunting not commonly used at the time, and arguably the most exciting way to hunt spring gobblers. Since, we have continually upgraded and improved Ole Scooter, but with the Scoot-N-Shoot MAX, we have outdone ourselves.

The previous version included a removable, artificial fan with hub that gave the option of using a real fan as well. The MAX not only has this same great feature but we've added wing hubs and removable wings, which allow for the use of real wings. This makes the MAX about as realistic as a gobbler himself. We've also included see-through, mesh windows in the fan to increase field visibility, while keeping the hunter concealed. Very few gobblers will allow him to invade their space without a fight.


  • ALL NEW TAKE ON TURKEY HUNTING: Allows for the most exciting turkey hunting experience!
  • GET REALLY CLOSE TO THAT OLD GOBBLER: Hide face and body and creep close to turkeys
  • CREATES UNFORGETTABLE TURKEY HUNTING EXPERIENCES: Mature gobblers often charge turkey decoy to create the ultimate close shot experience
  • FLAWLESS DESIGN: Easy to use, built in handle and ground stake
  • VERSATILE: Realistic removable tail fan and wings and attachable fan and wing hubs

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