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Spypoint FLEX-S Cellular Camera - Any Carrier

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The SPYPOINT FLEX-S delivers the same performance and flexibility as the FLEX, with the added benefit of an integrated solar panel charging an internal lithium battery to keep your camera working longer than you ever imagined. Receiving 33MP photos and 1080p videos is easier than ever because the FLEX series connects to virtually any cellular network in the area thanks to true dual-sim configuration and optimized antenna.

GPS Enabled

  • Maximizes the functionality and accuracy of the customizable maps feature of the SPYPOINT app.

Recharge by Solar Power

  • The built-in solar panel keeps the integrated rechargeable lithium battery topped off, with the option of backup AA batteries or a 12V external source.

Responsive Trigger

  • Automatically configures settings to the exact conditions at the time of the photo to deliver the very best quality every time.

Four Capture Modes

  • Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, and Time-Lapse+, take photos at your preferred interval and when the camera's detection sensor is triggered.


  • Automatically connects to the cellular network with the best coverage in the area. No more worrying about carrier models.

microSD Card Format Button

  • Setup has never been easier with the addition of the on-camera microSD card format button.

Test Buttons

  • Leave the field confident of your trail camera's positioning and framing by using the on-camera test button.

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