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Spypoint Lithium Solar Panel 6/9/12V For Spypoint Cameras

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The 10 watt SPLB-22 lithium battery solar panel delivers an ongoing power supply for trail cameras in those spots you just want to stay out of until the time is right. Combining the longevity and reliability of a lithium battery, with the regenerative powers of the sun, the SPLB-22 lithium battery solar panel will keep those cameras going before, during and long after the season has ended. The SPLB-22 is compatible with all SPYPOINT trail cameras. Includes four output power cord choices supplied, to match your camera to the SPLB-22, regardless of camera manufacturer, a mounting bracket and strap to make sure you can position and install the lithium battery solar panel in the perfect location. Chargin time is 5 hrs w/power adapter, 24 hrs w/Solar Panel.

  • 15,000mAh
  • 4-LED Charge Indicator Lights
  • Perfect for Secluded Spots
  • Works with All Trail Cameras

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